From weighing 330# to losing 155#

Diets Don't Work! I've tried them all

Try and fail, repeat....Maybe there was a conspiracy against me but so many tears were shed.

Then, I had an ah-ha moment that brought me to my 155# weight loss journey....

I hated the thigh rub, being out of breath, never fitting into clothes. Don't get me started on the bullying, the shame and lonliness that I felt.

It all changed when I took a chance on myself...I had to lose myself to find myself ... but it started with action

I discovered the secret...

...the solution, the result of all this suffering, and now

I'm on a mission to help others just like you!

ways to work with me

I have a variety of ways to work with me that fits all budgets, because I get it!

Done For You Macros

You're the gal that knows how to implement, you just need the plan -

Upon payment, you'll receive a form to fill out including a 5 day food journal.

After reviewing your information, I'll create your macro range and email it to you with a quick video explanation.

Sound good?

Click the button and let's work together!

90 day Group Challenge:

Macros, Mindset & Muscle

Most Popular!

90 day High Touch, Group Coaching where you are challenged in your nutrition, fitness and mindet.

You'll receive a massive transformation in the way you show up for yourself!

Doors currently closed, get on the waitlist for special offers!

Let's Chat 1:1

1 hour session

You're the type that wants your stuff figured out and told what to do and you'll gladly do it! Type A personality much?

I love working with go getters & as such

I offer limited slots to chat 1:1 for an hour

and together we customize macros, review action plan and chat about anything else on your mind.

These spots are limited!

Upon payment you'll be sent a form to fill out prior to our call.


I lost the last 10 pounds but even bigger than that is how I love myself so much more, I have a new perspective on life. Brandelyne is like a mindset and wellness coach all wrapped up in a package, and I highly recommend working with her!

  • - Janey T

Just do it! I was a lurker and honestly, it is better to take fast action and put yourself in the arena! She is amazing at helping and guiding me especially when the days get tough! I've lost 10 inches overall and eating better than I ever have while enjoying the foods I love!

  • - Chrissy J

Can't say enough good about Brandelyne. Love her energy, her kindness. She treats you like a real person. I'm finally moving my body in some way every day. It's not about weightloss, it's about functioning and living a happy life and that is why I joined her challenge. You'll love it, but do it for all the good reasons and not just to lose weight.

  • - Annika Jade

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